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Installed Windows 7 today

2 June 2009

I installed the RC of Windows 7 today on my company laptop. Not as the actual OS, but inside of Sun’s VirtualBox. (While VMWare may be better, I like the small footprint of VirtualBox, especially on my not-at-all-state-of-the-art laptop.)
I only assigned a 8 GB disk for Windows 7, of which the OS uses about 5,5GB. The rest should be enough for the testing I’d like to do. When I need more space, I can swap to VirtualBox image to an external harddrive and increase it.
As I haven’t worked with Vista yet, I can’t actually say what which feature is new – so far, everything looks quite new to me 🙂


Firefox 3

29 June 2008

I’ve been using Firefox 3 (Beta) for some time now due to the update that came with Ubuntu 0804, but haven’t looked that much into the new features.
Now, that the final release is available, I looked a bit into it.
Here’s a helpful website for tips and tricks:

I especially like the tagging of web sites and the new shortcuts for accessing the location bar (CTRL + L) and the search bar (CTRLK + K).

Why a blog?

14 May 2008

With some exciting news during the last weeks I decided to start a software technology blog.
Let’s see how long it will last…