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How to test code snippets

8 July 2008

A great tip for Ganymede and something that I’m going to use often 🙂


Eclipse Ganymede JEE RC1 released

1 June 2008

The recently released Eclipse Ganymede JEE RC1 packages seem to solve my problem with using M7 and Subversion 1.5.
After installing the Subclipse plugin I had no problems using the workspace that contained subversion projects.

Hudson: The right choice?

1 June 2008

One of the things to consider when thinking about switching tools is “How long will it last?”. CruiseControl is a mature open source product, well established with a large user base and several developers.
Hudson in comparison is relatively new, so I have no idea about the adoption and seems to be mainly Kohsuke Kawaguchi’s pet project.
Imagine my excitement, when I read this week on his blog that he is now working full time on Hudson. I think, there are great things to come for Hudson.

Living on the bleeding edge: Subversion and Eclipse Ganymede

18 May 2008
It seems as if I discovered an incompatibility between the Subversion 1.5 RC and Eclipse Ganymede JEE M7.

I’ve been using the Subversion 1.5 RC / Tortoise SVN on my laptop for over a week now. I have been accessing our company’s Subversion 1.4 repository and my local 1.5 repository with the command line client and Tortoise SVN.

Additionally, I’ve been trying out Eclipse Ganymede. While the “plain” Eclipse M7 worked (and still works) fine with my checked-out projects from our company repository, the now available Eclipse Ganymede JEE M7 crashed, when I try to open the workspace.

In the heapdump file the problem seems to be libapr from the Apache installation coming with Subversion 1.5.

This may be just a local problem on my laptop, but as developers in our company usually use both Tortoise SVN and the command line client, I better investigate this.