Packing FSFS Repositories in Subversion 1.6

After Subversion 1.5 introduced sharding to handle repositories with lots of commits more efficiently, 1.6 adds another feature: packing
Here’s an article that explains the why and how: Packing FSFS Repositories

The most important information:

In order to use FSFS packing, you simply need to ensure that target repository has been upgraded to the latest format, and then pack the repository using svnadmin.  Note that repositories do not automatically pack themselves, so for heavily used repositories, you may want to install a cron job or post commit hook to do the packing.  Users can continue to use the repository while it is being packed:

$ svnadmin upgrade repo<br />Repository lock acquired.<br />Please wait; upgrading the repository may take some time...<br /><br />Upgrade completed.<br />$ svnadmin pack repo<br />Packing shard 0...done.<br />Packing shard 1...done.<br />Packing shard 2...done.<br />Packing shard 3...done.<br />Packing shard 4...done.<br />...<br />Packing shard 36...done.<br />$ svnadmin upgrade repoRepository lock acquired.Please wait; upgrading the repository may take some time...

Upgrade completed.$ svnadmin pack repoPacking shard 0...done.Packing shard 1...done.Packing shard 2...done.Packing shard 3...done.Packing shard 4...done....Packing shard 36...done.$lt;br />

Let’s see how this works out with our repo (~ 55000 revisions).


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