Subversion 1.5 Clients

Since this Monday, I’ve been using the new Subversion 1.5 clients on two Windows machines: Tortoise SVN, the SVN command line client and the Subclipse 1.4 Eclipse Plugin for Eclipse Ganymede.
I first thought I had encountered a problem with the Subclipse Plugin. When I tried to update a folder / file in a project, the client worked fine. But when I tried to update the project itself (or the top level foldet, so to speak), I got an error (I think I first encountered this on Tuesday.). During the last two days, the problem didn’t occur again.
This may have happened because I only updated parts of my local checked out projects, so they were only partially converted to the new format.
Anyway, I think I’m going to use the new client for other machines as well.



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