Living on the bleeding edge: Subversion and Eclipse Ganymede

It seems as if I discovered an incompatibility between the Subversion 1.5 RC and Eclipse Ganymede JEE M7.

I’ve been using the Subversion 1.5 RC / Tortoise SVN on my laptop for over a week now. I have been accessing our company’s Subversion 1.4 repository and my local 1.5 repository with the command line client and Tortoise SVN.

Additionally, I’ve been trying out Eclipse Ganymede. While the “plain” Eclipse M7 worked (and still works) fine with my checked-out projects from our company repository, the now available Eclipse Ganymede JEE M7 crashed, when I try to open the workspace.

In the heapdump file the problem seems to be libapr from the Apache installation coming with Subversion 1.5.

This may be just a local problem on my laptop, but as developers in our company usually use both Tortoise SVN and the command line client, I better investigate this.

2 Responses to “Living on the bleeding edge: Subversion and Eclipse Ganymede”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Same thing happens to me with ganymede rc2

  2. ralfwagner Says:

    I’m using 1.2.4, too. I haven’t tried the latest version of Eclipse 3.4 (RC2 for Ganymede is available now), but I may try it over the weekend. Also, for the “classic” build there is RC3 available.

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