Hudson: Love on first sight?

I recently discovered Hudson the “Extensible continuous integration engine” and fell in love with it.

Currently, I’m using CruiseControl for continuous integration and Anthill OS for our nightly build. CruiseControl does an incremental build on our Java sources, so that developers usually get feedback about their latest commits in less than an hour. The nightly Anthill build is a clean build that performs additional steps like generating user documentation or building the installers and takes much longer.

Lately, I’ve been looking for a replacement for Anthill OS and for CruiseControl. Up to now, I’ve taken a look at Continuum and Luntbuild and now at Hudson. I’ve started with trying to replace CruiseControl due to the shorter turn-around cycles for the CI build and so far, I’ve been very pleased with Hudson:

  • Setting up the project was pretty easy.
  • Working with Hudson is a pleasure. It’s amazing how aesthetically pleasing and consistent the web ui is.
  • Hudson seems faster in some respects than CruiseControl, e.g. the summary reports for PMD errors.

I’m just missing two features (or haven’t been able to find them yet):

  • Every so often (e. g. every tenth build) I’d like to do a clean rebuild of the project
  • There seems to be no user mapping between SCM users and e-mail addresses. When the build breaks, I’d like to inform the developers who committed sources since the last successful build about it.

Let’s see how long this love story lasts…

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